Our members can be a networking source to make it easier for you to organise exchanges via Google Meets (Previously Skype) or “sur place”.

We have no formal structure to organise exchanges but are happy to help you set up your own exchanges by helping with contacts.

Consider using our Facebook Page to post networking requests.

Contact our colleagues in the Association Médicale Franco-Britannique.

Consider contacting us on to see if we can help you with contacts so you can set up an online virtual exchange (Google Meets) with French colleagues to exchange language practice.

Come to the Medical French Weekend to boost your Medical French and network with those with direct experience of  Medicine in French.

AFMS / AMFB Virtual Language Exchanges

We are currently organising a Language Exchange Session, where you will have the opportunity to refresh your French with a Colleague from across the Channel! The session will take place online and remain informal, so that you can practice your French in a relaxed manner. We hope to be able to turn this event into a regular occurrence!

To register your interest, please fill in the Google form below, and stay tuned for details of the first session!