AFMS Teaching Network

Welcome to the AFMS Teaching Network!

Designed for students and doctors alike, this network aims to improve your French abilities through regular and consistent sessions split across two separate courses.

Firstly, we’d like to introduce our ‘Let’s Speak French’ course where we offer the opportunity for monthly French discussions. Designed as a more informal course, these sessions offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the French language for an hour, conversing with colleagues and other medical professionals.

Main conversations types included in this course include Balint discussions, journal discussions, a French culture club, and occasional conversations about French grammar. The topic will be released each month, one week prior to the meeting.

Introducing our second course, the ‘Méd-Franc Essentials’. This new course is being introduced in May 2024 and provides a 12 month curriculum teaching medical French for each and every specialty. With access to quizzes, flashcards and vocabulary booklets, this course promises to provide consistent opportunity for practice, allowing gradual improvement throughout the year.