Reporter: Katya Russell

Contact at destination: Professeur J-M Davy

Year of visit: 1999

Country: France

Region: Montpellier

Institution: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier.

Department: Cardiology

Work / study undertaken

I spent 10 weeks in the Cardiology Department of the Hospital. I was part of the team of students working on the ward, clerking the patients and following them throughout their inpatient stay. I was able to assist or follow investigations and help with any work required on the ward. It is possible to do as much or as little as is wished.

Description of the service and department

Description of the locality: A university town with a lot of character situated ten minutes by car from the Mediterranean Sea. Lots to do very lively.

Were the locals friendly: Yes very

Did you feel safe and if not why not? Yes

What did you do in your spare time? Sight seeing, beach, day trips, meeting and going out with other students (French, German, Spanish)

Is there anything that you would particularly recommend others to do? Sight seeing – locally – regionally – nearby Spain.

What time of the year were you there? What was the climate like? August to October – hot and sunny

What was your accommodation like? A studio – room, kitchen and bathroom. It was very good

Was it provided? No

If no who arranged it? Self.

How much did it cost? Approx. £200 per month

Did you enjoy your visit? Yes, work – people – time off.

Did you find the visit useful medically? – In what way? Yes learned some cardiology.

Has it improved your French?

Has it improved your knowledge of French culture? Learned more about the French medical education and hospitals.

If you went back, would you do anything differently? Spend half the time in the Casualty department; very welcoming and better general experience

How did you get there? By car.

What was the approximate total cost? £1200

Is there any other information that you think may be useful?

It is worth insisting on splitting the elective between two specialities if it is what you want. They prefer students to spend two months in only one department; I found it a bit long.

The tourist office has a lot of information; e.g. accommodation lists, maps etc Tel – 00 334 67 60 60 60

Useful Internet websites: – Hopital Arnaud de Villeneuve and other teaching Hospitals