The ethos that rules the presentations is that either the audiovisual, or the verbal, communication is to be in French.

Whether it is the oral or written aspect in French it is vital that the relevant section is checked by a fluent French speaker. The committee are happy to help out in this regard by putting speakers in contact with a suitable person.

It is much preferred to present in slow precise English than stuttering incorrect French, the committee are happy to “delegate” the decision to the speakers as long as advice has been taken.

Talks vary in length from 10 minutes to about 30 minutes, dependent on the subject and whether it is a review or scientific /experimental presentation. Whilst the time allocated is variable, strict timing is appreciated and will be enforced!

Prizes will be awarded to the best presentations.

Please have a look at our guidelines for presentations

Presentationgudelines AFMS

Here is an example of a marking scheme.  This may change in 2015.

Student marking sheet